Scandinavian Light
Click on the titles to listen to a short sound clipping (about 15 seconds)

The sound clippings have been compressed to save space and transfer time - they cannot be compared to the high sound quality of the CD. With a 28.8 modem, each clipping takes about 2 minutes to download.

1. Sonatina Op.57 per flauto e pianoforte (Yngve Sköld)
a) Allegro moderato b) Andante c) Tempo di gavotta grazioso d) Allegro

2. Divertimento for Flute Solo Op.9 (Oistein Sommerfeldt)
a) Largo/ Allegro b) Adagio, un poco rubato c) Scherzo d) Presto

3. Pastoral suite for flute and piano (Gunnar de Frumerie)
a) Preludium (Andante grazioso) b) Gavott (Allegro moderato)
c) Saraband (Andante tranquillo) d) Siciliano (Andante grazioso)
e) Final (Allegro vivace)

4. Monolog nr 1 (Fantasie-Caprice) (Erland von Kock)
a) Fantasie (Andante espressivo) b) Caprice (Molto vivace)

5. Fantasies Nationales Op.59 Suèdois. (Joachim Andersen)

6. Scherzino Op.55 Nr 6 (Joachim Andersen)

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You can also download a zipped archive of all the sound clippings and listen to them off line. Download time is about 25 minutes.

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