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Jan started playing the flute when he was four. His father Stig Bengtson,
solo flutist at the Royal Opera in
Stockholm, was a major source
of inspiration.Jan studied at the
conservatory in Gothenburg
for Prof. Gérhàrd Schaub. Jan's
incredible ability to spellbind his
audience has earned him several
prizes at international soloist
competitions around Europe.
Since 1989, Jan holds the position
as solo flutist at the Royal Philharmonic
Orchestra in Stockholm, and since
February 1997 also as solo flutist at the
Royal Opera. He is frequently engaged
as a soloist and chamber musician in all
kinds of settings. The Swedish composer
Johan Hammerth has dedicated a flute
concert to Jan, which was first
performed with the Royal Philharmonic
Orchestra in Stockholm in January 1993.
Jan also plays other kinds of music and is
often engaged as studio musician.

(Peter Edberg Grafisk Form-97, translated
by Tyresö Web-Tjänst & Design)

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